Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to take you B-YOND, whether that’s your wellness, health, recovery or performance. We believe these are fundamentals to a better lifestyle, which is what drives us every single day.

The belief that there was a better way, a more natural path is what ignited our journey and we endeavour, through our innovative product range, to give your mind & body exactly what it needs, optimising your everyday life.


We are the wellness brand born from first-hand experience, with a desire & passion to inspire a healthier world. Providing the perfect daily dose of health, wellness & performance.

Founded by Russell Short & Simon Church after a lightbulb moment discussing why CBD, Nootropics & Mushrooms were not more commonly used due to experiencing their incredible benefits, and more readily available within the world of health, fitness & elite sport.

The goal is to help as many people globally, by providing the finest quality, purpose-led and trusted natural wellness products that make a real impact. Also used by professional athletes - you can trust in our expertise.

Welcome to improved health, deeper sleep, enhanced recovery & better pain management, allowing you to perform at your best, every day.