Why the evolution from CBD to B-YOND...

As the Founders, we're excited to announce the evolution of CBD Performance, with our new brand B-YOND Performance, along with a new look and additional product offering (with more in the pipeline...)

We're passionate about pushing the boundaries of not only CBD but now additional alternative health and wellness products, including new Nootropic and Mushroom Blends that we are hugely proud of.

We had this in mind for a little while and have spent a long time perfecting the new Nootropic & Mushroom blends that sit perfectly with our much-loved CBD products.

The mission has always been to elevate wellness & performance through innovative purpose-led products backed by cutting-edge research, and we are excited about this next stage of the journey.

We've been busy testing & developing new formulations that go beyond traditional offerings, delivering unparalleled results for athletes, everyday active people & wellness enthusiasts alike.

Keeping our most popular & much-loved CBD products whilst enhancing our offering with some new products, whether you're looking to enhance your workouts, improve daily focus and clarity, or simply optimise your daily performance, B-YOND Performance has something for you.

We're confident that your experience of taking our products will take you B-YOND where you have been before. Join us as we redefine what it means to perform at your best, every single day.


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Co Founder. Simon is a former International Professional Footballer who has always had a passion for alternative wellness, with a keen eye on the property world too. Happiest when still kicking a ball around with his mates (still scoring from 2 yards out) or out on the Golf course.