B-YOND Performance are on the Novel Food list

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) published a list of CBD products that have credible applications for authorisation with the FSA and B-YOND Performance (previously CBD Performance) are delighted to be on the public list.

The listed products are now one step closer towards being authorised, said the FSA in their press release. The Agency called on local authorities and industry to help bring the CBD market into compliance by prioritising the removal of products from the sale that are not on the public list that the FSA published today.

Trust & transparency are a huge part of what B-YOND Performance is all about and has been at the core of everything done since inception. B-YOND Performance being on the FSA public list is a huge moment for the brand.

CBD products are ‘novel’ and therefore need to be assessed by the FSA for safety before being placed on the market in England and Wales. The CBD public list shows which products have a credible application for authorisation with the FSA. “The CBD market is growing rapidly."

The FSA has been working to move the CBD industry into compliance. Today we have taken the next step in our pragmatic approach to making sure CBD products are safe and what they say they are.

“We have created the public list to help local authorities and retailers prioritise products to be removed from sale. If a product is not on the list, it should be removed from sale because it is not attached to a credible application to us for market authorisation. “But being on the list means that the application is credible and the FSA has, or is shortly expecting to receive, significant scientific evidence from the applicant with which to judge safety.

“We have taken the step of publishing the list so that local authorities, retailers and consumers can make informed judgments about what they stock and buy, as we gradually bring this growing market into compliance with the law, ” said Emily Miles, Chief Executive of the FSA.

A great step in the right direction for B-YOND Performance and the CBD industry as a whole, something that has been a long time coming.

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